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A gruesome murder interrupts an evening party at a secluded mansion and you are the prime suspect! Explore the mansion, search for clues, and interrogate the other guests as you strive to unmask the killer in this open-ended mystery.

A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it.

MMM is a visual novel adventure with an open-ended mystery that puts your deductive skills to the test. A murder occurs in a secluded manor, and if you can't find the killer in time, you just might take the blame for the crime yourself! Gather information and search the house for clues as you form your own conclusions about the evening's mysterious events.


  • Multiple Endings: Finding the true killer is ideal, of course, but maybe building a plausible case against one of the other characters is good enough to get you off the hook!
  • Unique and Compelling Characters: Play as Miss Fortune, a delightfully caustic anti-heroine who has already been widowed nine times. But this time, she didn't do it (really!), and she'll have to solve the mystery herself to prove it!
  • Immersive Story: Sharply written dialog full of choices ensures a thoroughly immersive narrative.
  • Voice-acting: Each character is fully voiced, with over 1700 voiced lines throughout the game!
  • Beautiful Visuals: Detailed, searchable backgrounds and slick visual effects like rain, fog and variable lighting enhance the aesthetic experience.
  • Time runs Short: The incompetent police are on their way. Better solve the mystery before they arrive, lest they come to their own (wrong) conclusions.

MMM is available for Mac, Linux & Windows computers.

It has full-English voice acting, and text in English, Italian or Spanish.

Download (or listen to) the OST for free here!

We're the Foolish Mortals, a small indie team based in the flat and desolate wastes of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more about the game and us here: http://www.foolish-mortals.net/mmm


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MMM_Demo_Windows.zip 123 MB
MMM_Demo_Linux.zip 138 MB
MMM_Demo_Mac.app.zip 137 MB

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Help.. The game keeps crashing whenever I start like the meeting in the smoking room, Like when you know who the killer is.


the killer got you

Hi 'Foolish Mortals' lol! Just had to say I love this game! The graphics & gameplay are awesome! Well-done! ;) Thank you so much for sharing! ~k.c.


Hello, I'm Nagasari Ferrea and I'm a Malaysian VTuber. May I stream this game on YouTube and suggest it to my fellow VTuber friends?


Absolutely. Go for it!

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Love the game, the fact that you can frame all of the suspect of murder is genius. I framed Lia at the beginning, but it feels wrong when the police take her away and the dialogue before the police arrive made me think that something is missing, so i replayed the game.

I love the story and the fact that you have a timer, to spice the game, and Missy as the sassy queen.

Some of the character proportion are very strange, as an artist I can urdestand the struggling, and the fact that the outfits are not very coherent with the modern style, at the beginning i was quite confused because, letters, mansions and the presence of the prince made me thing that the story developed in the past, but the presence of smartphone, limousine and, well, Lia's style are quite off.

Overall i appreciate the game, and the fact that I can play it in Italian <3 (a lovely surprise indeed) 

Also sorry for my English, as you can deduct already I'm from Italy.

I found this game quite enjoyable. Some things I appreciated: The art was charming, the voice acting was great (a little campy in a good way), and the plot was funny. It is a good length with good pacing. I had no technical problems with it, it ran right away on Debian. The mystery itself was not frustrating--if I messed up in selecting a clue, I could go back and correct it, and when I wanted to see multiple endings, I could go straight to the "accusation" phase without having to replay other parts of the plot thanks to well-chosen autosave points.


I have to say I had more fun with this game than I thought I would.  My favorite part was whenever Miss Fortune was talking, her lines are great. I love her sass. As for the story, it's pretty engaging and easy to follow. The fact that you can frame anyone in the way it makes sense is a nice touch, I'll try out the other endings on a later date(The first ending I got was with the Clops. I searched everything I could and talked with everyone multiple times to make sure I had enough evidence. Only the knife and the timing of the wound gave me a bit of trouble. Mostly the body), tho I can already regret framing Sherice.  She's too good for this world. The only complaint I would have is that: 1. One of Comtessas sprites had her arm in such position it looked mangled. And 2. The time period. I mean we have people dressed in like IX century style, one person with a wizard costume and one person taken out of the modern time. Can't forget about the police car. It's not a big problem just my personal pet peve. Overall a great experience that I will probably get back to whenever I feel like solving a mystery

hey there ^º^ ! May I ask what device you're using to play the game ? I'm using a mac and an error "The application "MMM_Mac" can't be opened." every time I try to open the game :[

Hey, and sorry but I can't help you. I'm using windows and I have no knowledge about mac


hello ! and it's okay no worries ^º^ !


Using The Unarchiver instead of the standard program to extract the zip file should fix the issue.


Ahh, I see ^º^ !  Using the Unarchiver did indeed fix the issue. Mx. Edkeystone, a life saver ;º;


Okay this game was sooo good the plot the voice acting the characterization everything was done so well I loved the gameplay and how you can unlock information MMM is probably one of my favorite visual novel

We're glad you liked it, and thanks for the kind words!


My favorite indie visual novel ever!

Came back to play once again after about a two years since my first gameplay. 

It's truly a memorable experience otherwise I wouldn't come back for it. 

Wow, that's high praise. Time certainly flies - thanks so much!


I did a first impressions video on this. Honestly did not expect this to be fully voice acted. The poses were so delightfully goofy too. Was fun!

Thanks for sharing! For poses/characters, we definitely prefer weird or quirky as they're much more memorable.


I absolutely loved this game. I achieved all 5 endings, and I think it's great that you're able to make an accusation against anyone if you have the right evidence. My first thought and accusation was Comtessa, but I won't give any spoilers. Really enjoyable and thought provoking. 5/5


Solid game. I love how the game expects you to think through all the clues rather than doing all the work for you. I wish more games were the same way.

Thanks! We're big fans of making our players work hard to earn their victory


Positively scrumptious, I daresay! 

The visual aspects (the character artwork, backgrounds etc.) looked nice and nothing was truly out of place. The dialogue is wack in a very positive way and, obviously, the voice acting stole the show.  I like that there are multiple, plausible endings that all make sense in some way or another. I am, however, confused about the time this was set in? I didn't like that aspect very much. As for the characters themselves, Miss Fortune was definitely the one most fleshed out and most interesting. All in all, it was a very interesting murder mystery game and I would recommend to people who like these whodunnits.


Glad you liked it! Yes the time period setting is a bit vague - it was originally written for a roleplaying session a long time ago, haha


i play this every year until i will beat it

Haha, thanks! The steam community page has some walkthroughs if you're stuck


I loved it, and the full voice-acting was such a nice touch. Probably the best part, IMO. My only thing is, why does the Comtessa's sprite look so out of whack? Her proportions in relation to all the other sprites makes her look ridiculous - she's completely tiny - and her arm is totally mangled on one of the speaking sprites. I wish she had been redone to fit better with the rest of the cast.
That said, I loved everything else about her, and the rest of the game too. 

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wait what's the difference between Itch and Steam cuz on steam this game pay while on itch is not at all

or does the itch ver is the full game or not ??


It's the full game - we just like the idea of supporting the 'pay what you want' model


Interesting characters, story and motivations. 

I'd love to play something like this again.


I really liked this game are you thinking of making a sequal anytime soon?


I'm glad you liked it! We are currently working on other projects at the moment, but a sequel is definitely not out of the question!

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Miss Fortune is such an entertaining character and I'd love to solve another mistery with a sassy character like her again.

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The protagonist is quite colorful. She is an adorable serial widow. I liked her despite her being 200% sociopath.

What is interesting about this game is that the player is presented with contradicting facts. No matter who will be chosen as the killer suggested theory about murder won't explain everything. So it shouldn't be big surprise here that you can paint as the murderer practically anyone. It's well known fact in logic that you can derrive anything from contradiction. It's basically what the protagonist does. She highlights facts good for her theory and ignores the rest.

For this reason it doesn't make much sense to think about "Who is the real murder?". Without aditional information removing ambiguities there is no way to tell.


Hi. Yes, it is possible to possible to accuse anyone of the murder, and with the right evidence get them falsely convicted. However, there is a *true* ending, and a real culprit (which you'll know when you see it). *hint: did you check the phone?*

I really liked this! The art, the music, and the story were all superb! It was fun getting to try and figure out how best to solve the mystery and the timer encouraged me to act fast!

A wonderful game of melodrama. Loved this clue like game. Enjoy the mystery :)

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for posting the lets-play here.

AHHHHH I really liked the game!!! 
though at the last one this happened TTvTT
Help TTATT I really want to finish the game    

Hi there. Are these crash logs? If so, could you send them to michael@foolish-mortals.net ?


An amazing game! The voice acting was phenomenal!! I usually don't play games like this but it was very interesting to play and try to find all of the clues and dialogue.  

I'm glad you like it! We put a lot of effort into the voice acting, and modelled it after old radio mysteries.

How do I get the steam key?

I've added Steam keys to be distributed when you download the game, but they don't seem to be being distributed properly. I've tried emailing Itch.io's support but they haven't been helpful. Not sure when this issue will get resolved.

I see something called steam_api.dll in the game files; does that have something to do with it?


After a long time searching, it appears Itch only allows you to claim a steam key if you buy the game (i.e. pay money for it). Sorry for the inconvenience.

 Usually  I would prefer romance but this seems interesting 

I'ma check it ~💖 

I just started the story but love it so far.

Wonderful Game, Awesome Job devs

Glad you liked it!