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A murder is committed in a secluded mansion, and it's up to you to solve it.

Triple M is a visual novel murder mystery. The story takes place at a secluded mansion estate, where a gruesome murder unfolds and everyone is a suspect. It's up to you to unmask the true killer. Interrogate the other characters, investigate the environment for clues, and form your own conclusions about the evening's mysterious events.

Your fate rests upon your deductive skills. You can accuse anyone. You might send a killer to justice. You might condemn an innocent person. Or you just might take the blame yourself.


  • A cast of unique and unforgettable characters
  • Multiple endings based on your choices and logic
  • Optional timed mode for a psychologically tense mystery experience
  • Compelling anime-style character art
  • Detailed clickable backgrounds that can be searched for clues
  • Full voice acting throughout the game

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Triple M will be released Q3 2016 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game will be in English, and if there is enough interest, it will be made available in French as well.

We're the Foolish Mortals, a small indie team based in the flat and desolate wastes of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Read more about the game and us here: http://www.foolish-mortals.net/triple-m

Install instructions

Simply extract the .zip file using a program like winrar or 7zip, then run the .exe file within.


Triple_M_Demo.zip (215 MB)

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